Generic Remote discontinued?

…since N4 none of the new functions got generic remote support.

Still no chance to control surround panner parameters, and no control of the complete new channel strip at all!

There were times where I could control every nuendo function via user-definable midi-setup. This was one of the big “+” why I stayed at Nuendo in my mixing room, since for controlling PT you needed their own devices. Now this has gone.

I thought, with N6 I might could abstain from using extern EQ-Plugin in each channel, since now we have a seperate LC und HC, but since I cannot control those parameters with my therefore intended device (BCR2000), I stay with the third-party-insert, which can fully be controlled.

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bringing up this kind of topic since 3 years now…and perhaps would miss sth… :wink:


Also, existing functions have mysteriously disappeared (such as tempo for example).

very sad for that.

I’d like an answer to this question as well. No point in purchasing a Tango or any other controller (SSL, Focusrite, Nectar, Novation, MCU, or any used Tascam or Yamaha desks with MIDI Remote Layers) if there isn’t any generic remote support. Can someone from Steinberg comment on this issue?

Wow, even the discussion about the discontinuation of generic remote is discontinued?

I posted a couple of months ago regarding this, and was told that they are working on updating the remote SDK. Haven’t had anything further from them, so not sure where Steinberg are at with this. I’m running Tango with 5.5.5, but won’t update to 6 until this is sorted. The std channel EQs are reporting incorrect values, and of course none of the new channel features are available to Tango. Let’s hope they’re sorting this one out, but it would be good to have an update from the team.


I started my first post concerning this issue immediately after release of N5 in old forum (which btw does not seem to be available any longer…?). And never got any reaction or a fix.

This one is from summer '11:

I can not understand, why they resign generic support, I was pretty sure, they just forgot it when releasing N5, since all those new parameters could be controlled via these new quick controls. But it does not help at all, when I’m forced to set up all quickcontrols to for example the surroundpanner on every new audio channel…
And in between I would need 32 quick controls for all those new parameters who are missing in generic control dialog.

It would be great to have comment from someone at Steinberg on this. I have PM’d them twice, but no one appears to be at home. :cry:

Cubase 7.0.5 announcement [scheduled for Jun 27th]:


:arrow_right: • Generic Remote Editor improvements

I expect a Nuendo 6.0.5 will be released shortly,
and should be similar to the Cubase one…

What these improvements will be, I have no idea!!

I do not see any improvements!

Still none of the new features since N4 is implemented here! No Surround Panner, No Channel strip.