Generic remote does not retain connection

I have two generic remotes configured and both of them seem to lose their connection configuration when I start up Cubase. It doesn’t happen all the time but it happens enough to where I’m starting to check everytime I start Cubase. What I mean by losing connection configuration is I have the MIDI input and output configured, however, it won’t retain it. When I go into Studio Setup and look at each generic remote it will say “No connection”. All I have to is make the proper selections again and apply them but it’s annoying that what I select is not being retained.


What MIDI Device (MIDI port) is the one you are using? Is it a physical device, or is it a virtual driver?

There is an known issue with virtual devices. These provide a new ID to Cubase every single initialization, so Cubase doesn’t recognise them as the only one device. From Cubase point of view it’s always a new device.

Ok that explains it. I’m using a virtual device.