Generic Remote Edits lost after restarting Cubase

Yesterday I made a bunch of edits to a Generic Remote.
Today I discovered all of those edits had vanished. :frowning:
I last edited this Remote about 9 months ago and everything saved fine then.

I created a new Generic Remote (number 4 in this case) to test on and found that edits don’t survive a Cubase restart. This gif shows the edits I’d made to to the test case.
see followup post for missing gifs

And this is what it looks like after restarting Cubase.
see followup post for missing gifs


  1. Open Studio Setup and create a new Generic Remote.
  2. Next to the lower pane click Add to create a new table and Rename it “test”
  3. Edit some entries in this table, and click Apply.
  4. Close & reopen Studio Setup to verify that the edits were maintained
  5. Select a different Generic Remote and then re-select the Remote you just created to verify that the edits were maintained.
  6. Close Studio Setup, save and close the Project & then Quit Cubase.
  7. Restart Cubase and load your test Project.
  8. Open Studio Setup and select your test Remote to discover all the edits have been lost.

The forum keeps losing one of the gifs whenever I preview the post (is there a theme going on here). I’ve uploaded several times and can’t get it to work. So I’ll try to put them in followup posts. In any case the repo steps seem to hang around.
Generic Remote setup lost.gif

The gif that made it through in my OP is the after restarting Cubase one.

This is for the before that shows the edits.
Generic Remote setup2.gif

ya gots to export it!


So it doesn’t work like Preferences where clicking Apply sets it as what gets used from now on & saving is more for making the settings portable.

Intended to export after finishing changes made over a few days. :blush:

I think we all got to learn that the hard way.
The whole generic remote could need some love tbh.

I think the underlying problem is that the GUI is inconsistent in different sections of Cubase. I’m guessing those correlate to when specific features were introduced.

Very true. It is very unclear where things are saved, what’s not saved and when it is saved. Now you need to know, the proper way is that you have a GUI that is informative. This could be a color thing. One colour for project, a other for global etc. I think this is one of the most confusing things about cubase, must be very frustrating for a beginner. It is annoying for long time user, and is stressful since you always have some doubts if your memory is correct and if it is still valid when you do things that you have not done for a long time. Add to that a lot of bugs that make cubase not saving the right thing.

It is saved in the project, But if you need to use it again it need to be exported.

No- It is not saved with the project. Only the file path of the exported xml file is saved with the project. Be careful…