Generic Remote Forgets Settings

Hi Everyone, so I have a generic remote setup with aprox. 15-20 different settings. Not a lot. Everything works great except that it constantly forgets my last setting. I have a midi fader controlling a group track.

So every time I open Cubase I have to go back in and assign the proper fader again. Does anyone else have this issue?

Can someone help?

You have to do an export from the Generic Remote panel after you edit it. Yes, it does not make sense, but it is true. This is a relic from the earliest programming days of the 17th century. I believe Johann Sebastian Bach was the first to report this issue. :mrgreen:

Pretty sure it was handel… But whatevs…

i chuckled.

sad but true.

Wow okay. So just to be clear, I set it the way I want, hit export and then that’s it? Or are you saying that I need to import the saved file every time?

PS: It’s nice to see a classical sense of humor on a tech issue!

i always reimport it afterwards just to be on the safe side, but once this has been done (yes, just once), i almost never lose the settings (unless cubase somehow haphazardly crashes during the saving of its .xml’s while quitting, which does happen to me sometimes, let’s say two or three times a year.)

When i setup generic remote for my tascam us-2400 midi 5, its work great until i ad another plugin and the setup is chaged…

okay great, i’ll try that out!