Generic Remote forgetting MIDI Ports

I have an iPad Pro running Lemur to control parameters in Cubase 8. Every time I launch Cubase the midi port set-up is resetted, and I have to set the midi port assignment again, is this a bug?
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I have experience several times that if I create a new control on my Lemur-setup and assign the controls to the parameters I want to control in Cubase, the setting is lost the next time I start Cubase. Is this a bug?


Yes, this is an known issue (not in Cubase) for virtual MIDI Ports. I already described it many times here on the forum.

Some 3rd party developers (for example this one) generated a new ID for the virtual MIDI Port during the every single start of Cubase. So from the Cubase point of view, it’s a new MIDI Device. So Cubase cannot assign the Input/Output of the Generic Remote Device to this “new” MIDI Port.

Hi Martin
So what you say is that it’s the Lemur Daemon that is the problem?


In this case, yes. I already wrote an email to some other companies to fix it on their side. :wink:

Super Martin!