Generic remote in CB12

Hey everyone, sorry for the slightly longer post, I’ll try to be brief.

With the help of a generic remote script, I have a button on my NI S88 keyboard (set to CC112) that triggers to open the GUI of my first insert effect on the selected channel.

I tried to recreate this in the new Midi Remote editor but can’t for the life of me figure out what Cubase Action I need to assign to that button to achieve the same behavior.

To clarify, every channel in my template has Pro Q3 as first insert effect and I want to be able to open the effect GUI with a single button click. Like I mentioned, it works with the (legacy) Generic Remote, how does it work with the new Midi Control Editor? Thanks


Do you script it or do you use the Mapping Assistant, please?

I used to have it in the legacy Generic Remote. Looking further I realized that this entry I had there isn’t even available anymore when I try to add a new line.
See attached picture.
So the question still stands. How would I set up Cubase (or Midi Remote) so I can push a button(either via Midi or via Streamdeck) so that the GUI of my 1st insert effect of the selected channel opens the GUI?