Generic Remote in Cubase - New YT video is up!


In this video I will tackle the Generic Remote concept in Cubase.
This is just a brief introduction to the idea and I might create few more follow-up videos on this topic if the demand would be there.
A cheat-sheet with the Generic Remote list in Cubase 7.5 can be downloaded here:


Hi Karol

I have exported my keycommands xml file to EXCEL and created a grid showing functions mapped to keys and modifiers.

Is there an xml file available for the possible generic remote functions?

Hi Andy,

no, there is no .xml file with all the possible functions (and that would be really cool).
There is only that one you’ve created by yourself but after learning the structure of such an .xml file it is possible to write those settings even without opening the Generic Remote window and assigning every command one by one.
After saving all you need is to open the GR and import the new file. The .xml file structure is very strict though and for all users beginning with GR I would suggest to stick to the normal way of doing things!

I hope it helps somehow!