Generic Remote issue - help

Hi all,

I struggle with the Generic Remote set-up for my berhinger X touch mini.
I just want to have mute and solo for 8 group tracks, what’s happening is that I set it up it works for a few minutes and then everything is shuffled around, it doesn’t stick.
What I have set up for the bass group tracks becomes the guitar… I don’t understand what’s going on.
All in the same project (I understand the set-up might vary from one project to another).

I change it, I click Apply and then OK.
I tried to Export the set-up and then import it, same behaviour.

Any idea how could I fix this?

Cubase Pro 11
Macbook Pro 2020, RAM: 16GB
OS: Big Sur 11.6

Generic Remote is very limited (but powerful).
You have to use “selected channel” rather than an actual track .
Also, make sure each controller has a unique name and save the generic remote.

What do you mean by selected channels?


If you assign the Generic Remote to any specific Channel, it’s not really bind to the Channel. It’s bind to the Channel slot. So if you change the order of the channels or you add any channel ahead of the one, you want to control, it doesn’t work for the channel you specified originally.

The suggestion was to don’t use the specific channel and use the “Selected Track” option instead. This means, the fader/encoder/button controls given parameter of the selected track.

Right, I understand now, thank you.
But Selected channel doesn’t really work for me, as I just want to able to mute the bass or the guitar on the fly, regardless of what channel I am currently in.
Any ways to fix the channels I assign a command to?
Or does it have to move each time I add a track and theferore the track count change and so my commands are not selecting what I previously set up?


It changes only if you add the track ahead. So if your bass channel is 3, if you add a new channel to channel 1 or 2.