Generic remote issue

I’m trying to set controllers for various parameters in generic remote setup. My understanding of this config is to be able to set up static controllers that will control whatever you assign the controller to, regardless of which midi track you have selected.? It seems to kinda work for a bit then the controller stops working :confused: I then go back into setup and controller seems to have assigned itself to a new parameter on a different category/channel. Can any one help?

Thanks in advance


Don’t forget to assign each entry a different name and save the generic remote frequently. I only use the “selected channel”, anything else changes from project to project.

The generic remote sees tracks based on the track number, therefore the command target of a control changes when you add or move tracks. (yes, before you yell at the messenger, I know this is annoying)

also, note

in other words if you edit a remote and close your project without exporting the remote your edit will be lost– it is not saved with the project.

Oh right, yeah that’s a bit annoying. So if I activate or add additional output channel, say from a drum machine (battery), the configuration will kind of shift on to other tracks?

Thanks for your replies, very appreciated :slight_smile:

So that basicaly means that every time you add another track you have to go to generic remote and assign all controlers again? I save my generic remote settings, but if I add another track, when I try to load those saved settings nothing happens :confused:

Hence why 'selected channel" is the only viable option (and works quite well).


Took me some time to understand (that everything else than selected channel apparently) is incompatible whit new songs/template projects. Can only be applied on projects when knowing the total count of inserts/channels.

Cubase 8.5.2 did not fix this.

Is there a workaround? did a full setup of tascam 4200/ ps3 controller / faderfox uc3. working flawlessly. Until adding a Channel or insert.

Luckily i did make 5 stereo channels before setting up, so my work is not lost, just limited to this channel amount and current inserts ^^

Seem like a thing that could be avoided if addressed by Steinberg, if not 8.5 then along whit the next price tag.

Well, it’s not a workaround, but you could add the new channel at the bottom of all the tracks

And as Beatpete pointed out, use Selected Channel as much as possible.