generic remote keeps reseting

hey guys
i have a generic remote that controls the Talkback in cubase control room
it was very easy to setup and i have a foot pedal that i use to control the talkback on/off

that’s the setup
when i press learn and press my foot pedal everything works great! the talkback reacts to my foot pedal

however, when i quit cubase and re open it, the “MIDI Channel” parameter keeps changing from “13” to “2”. so everytime i restart cubase i have to go to my generic remote and press learn, then press my foot pedal and it goes back to 13, until the next time i open cubase

why does it keep changing back to 2? im i missing something or is this a bug?

You need to export, then it will remember it next time you fire cubase up.

Thank you, that solved it!