Generic remote: Listen button and EQ filter selection?

I started a custom midi-controller project this week using .
My intention was to build a controller for the main functions of one channel in Cubase (mostly for the function that are not immediately available on my Houston).
Everything is running fine, except I can’t seem to find the entries for the selection of the filter type in the channel EQ’s nor for the listen-button on each channel.
Am I overlooking something or are they just not there?

That’s cool! Photos, please!

Neither do I. Maybe they are unavailable on Generic remote.

Will do, when it’s finished.

Looks like it.
I don’t use the channel EQ’s that much, so those don’t matter that much, but I would really like the listen button to become available.
They probably forgot to make it available when they added Control Room.
I hope someone at Steiny reads this and adds it for the next update of C7.

There have been a few discussions on this including an option to switch the “solo” to listen.
You’ll find lots of other omissions in the Generic Remote, i.e. studio sends, “touch” (for automation), pan centre, fader reset and not to mention some of the commands (in the device/command) can’t have there “flags” changed (stuck on “p”) making it impossible to correctly set some switches. That said, the generic remote is a wonderful tool and I use it (and a mackie control) in conjunction with an Ipad and Lemur to create an amazing touch sensitive controller.

I’ve been trying to find an answer to this as well too, i was hoping my Euphonix controllers would enable me to use the listen button,but I’ve had no joy on the DUC forums either.


By “listen button”, do you mean the monitor button (the little round speaker icon that turns yellow when activated)? If so, then for audio channels it’s listed as “Monitor” in the Value/Action column. For instrument channels it’s listed as “Midi thru”.

No, that’s the “monitor” button, he means the “listen” button.

You can acces the listen button through the keycommands only: mixer>>channels:listen on/off. I have the “L” on my keyboard assigned to that keycommand. This ONLY works if any of the mixers is open (??). This is probably a bug

With software like “bome midi translator” you can convert an incomming midi cc or note event from your controller into “type “L” on my keyboard”…This is what I do. It works. On my ipad-cubase-selected-channel-controller (touchosc/lemur) I created a “record mode” page/tab with a listen button but without a solo button…(SIP disabled for recording finally!)

The eq “type” parameters are only accesable trough the quick controls (??). This is probably a bug
No easy fix on that one (on older projects for example you would have to manualy…)
So until this is fixed forget about it and use your mouse I’m afraid…

I did triy the “mixer => channels : listen on/off”, but not with the mixer open, only with the channel editor (or what is the name of the window that opens when you click on the ‘e’ of the channel?), which didn’t work.
I’ll have a go at it with the mixer open.
Thanks for the tip.

I would have thought both of these would be a bug or eiter more an oversight when these features were implemented.
Hopefully they will be easy to implement/correct and hopefully someone at Steinberg reads this.
Althoug these little niggles will probably be very low on the priority list :wink:.