Generic remote losing settings?

in the GR:
“Command>Mixer>bypass inserts on Main mix” migt help?
And; using the controlroom for A/B you can activate and control every plugin seperately:
“VST controlroom>controlroom>Ins.1-8 On, bypass, etc…”
Also; you HAVE to use an unique name for every entry in the GR (control name). Otherwise the next time you reload cubase any duplicate names are not loaded (only the first one) or the whole file is rejected. Took me some time to find out…And you also have to export (= save to a location at your computer) and import from that loacation again before quiting to "learn’ cubase which file should be loaded at startup. I usualy do this, then quit and reload to check.

For windows, in which directory does Cubase store the Generic Remote settings?

Cubase does not save the settings of the generic remote by itself.

You have to to this yourself using the “export” button in device Setup> Generic Remote to consolidate…
Chose any location/filename in the next dialog, cubase will remember this location/filename, and open the saved file the next time cubase is opened.

All this is not consolidated until you quit Cubase. That is why I always quit/restart cubase after an important change in the remote device setup.

jb’s explanation is exactly right. The GR was invented the same year Beethoven was born, and then, it had to wait until 1991 to get integrated into Cubase. :wink: It’s a rather aged component, and UI stuff that was acceptable back then would never fly now. You have to be very granular in your understanding of it if you don’t want to end up bashing your head on your keyboard.

But with its warts and all it does what it’s supposed to do.

:laughing: Happy birthday Ludwig! December 16, 1770!

Steve, I think a major update to whole system that Cubase uses to communicate with instruments, mixers and outboard equipment would be a huge advance. Cubase did it with VTSi, MIDI’s been working since 1979, Yamaha, of course, has all its history of amazing innovation in sound technology. There should be a much better system that automatically configures our controllers for use within the program. Maybe a new industry standard of some kind is needed. I’d pay for that.

Is this still the case? In Cubase 10 I seem to be having this same issue. I better start exporting my tweaks, I’ve lost all my changes twice now.

Make sure you export your generic remote template and then import it back.

I have chased my tail around on this and think everyone has. It can be a very frustrating part of the program and it has, but not bugs, then I’d call them quirks. No matter what I’ve tried, I usually to have to go back and reset my Faders to the tracks I want to work with regardless of what settings were supposed to be saved with a Bank.

All that worked for me was being very careful to name the GR files so I known what’s what and avoid loading the wrong one. It’s just a matter of being sure to Save, Load, Apply…

The GR system is a real dinosaur and despite numerous requests for updates over years, nothing has been done to improve this part of Cubase.

Thank you for that tip. That solved my problem of generic remote losing settings. Hats off to you.

Iwas Having the same issue but changing the Control Name fix the problem it know safes all the changes i do just have to remember to all so change the name of the Control Name Thanks to JB for the help