Generic Remote Master Fader Mapping

I’m using the generic remote to map my control surface to Cubase Elements 10. When mapping a specific fader to stereo out. it only keeps that fader mapped until another track is added or removed. The master fader should have it’s own control in generic remote and not change as tracks are added or removed. I have an old version of Cubase where this is not a problem.

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Make sure the Input/Output Channels folder is on the top of the tracks project in the Project window, please.

The Generic Remote doesn’t assign to the specific channel. It assigns to the channel-slot. So if the Input/Output Channels folder is at the bottom and you assign the slider to slo X and you add any track after, the Stereo Out jumps to the slot X+1. But if the Input/Output Channels folder is at the top, the Stereo Out channel remains at the beginning of the list and it’s not affected by the tracks you add to the project afterwards.

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Keeping the output channels at the top in conjunction with assigning the device to VST-Mixer and not Mixer works.


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