Generic Remote - Maximum Controls

Hey Guys,

Just a quick question - is there a limitation on the number of controller lanes you can put into a Generic Remote set up?

Can I assume maximum theoretical is 16ch x 127adresses? IE 2032 controls per remote?

Has anyone had any problems with big remotes?

I am building a lemur template which has lots of controls and wondering if I need to make multiple generic remotes or just one huge one?! :open_mouth:

Maximum is when you run out of midi channels. But you can still give midi channels multi functions. So you can go mental with it :nerd:

My tip is to devide your control in to several generic remotes, working as one. It makes it easier to edit and you have to deal less with massive xml editing (Copy/past) To make banks for things like your faders.

Make one generic remote for you transport, one for your fader banks, one for your channel select, One for your selected type track arm write, read, monitor… Make generic remote for your midi, Make generic remote for your sends, cue…

Basicly sit down and think about what you need to have banking on, and what you dont need to have banking on. In lemure it will look great. But try and make it as easy as possible to edit and make changes in cubase. Having one massive generic remote will be a massive headake, when you figure out you need to start banking it.

Thanks for the feedback - I will probably end up with a number of GRs anyway as my lemur controller does a few different things.

I’m currently working on an array of 56 buttons that filter my template by library - each one of the buttons has a lemur script to either hide, show, filter or rename a track - each command being a logical editor function.

Quick calculation means even with that one set in the lemur remote I will need over 200 lines on the generic remote… Don’t want to start out developing that way if it’s not going to work. (I’m editing the xml in excel to make it a little easier).

Also a real shame you can’t rename the Generic Remote still, even in C10.5…