Generic Remote "Midi" Devices (Legacy) removed no idea why?

I use Meta grid which uses 4 Generic Remote “Midi” Devices to fully function , it was slow to set up, for over a year I haven’t had a single problem, this morning I started work and metagrid would not control C13 at all, I checked and there was no “Generic Remote devices” listed, not sure how this happened.

I was very worried I would need to configure this manually or try and work out which preferences to restore from my backups. As it turned out simply adding Generic remote 1 .2… 3 and 4 restored all of my settings without having to re-edit . so great news but scared me

my question are the 4 “Generic Remote .xml” files in the C13 Prefs my custom ones ? so you can remove and add them in Studio Setup and they will be added with my setting as well ?


When I installed CB13 for the first time, I did temporarily lose my generic remotes too. Upon adding a seemingly new one, CB13 restored the ones I had in CB12. Not sure what’s the cause for this…

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Good to know , I really just want to fully
Understand this as it would really mess me up if it happened on a bad day!

I agree. This is why I always keep copies not of just my remotes, to a separate folder.

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