Generic Remote: "Midi Fighter Twister" and Cubase (Softube Console 1 inspired)

I thought I’d share my Demo of “Midi Fighter Twister” and Cubase 10. It was inspired y the Softube Console 1 but I can choose any plugins I want. I use two generic remotes on “selected channel”.
I’ve inclued a zipped folder with the 2 generic remote maps and Midi Fighter Twister setup.
The channel is setup like this:
Inserts (all Waves)s:
5 Rennaisance Vox
6 Puigchild 670
7 LA-2A
9 Smack Attack
10 Sibbilance

Midi Fighter (6.73 KB)

Cool!! Can you get it to control Cubase’s Channel Strip EQ?

As it’s just a “generic controller” map, it can be anything.

Right… Nice…