Generic Remote migration setup

Before I dive headfirst into doing this:

Is migrating a generic remote made to handle an iPad controller like MetaGrid Pro or TouchOSC as simple as duplicating the button layout, what commands are present and what cc or program change or whatever is being sent? I’m not using too much that’s exotic from the pad - no sysex or OSC commands or the like.

I really wish there were an automatic migration tool that reported what didn’t translate but did everything else. Since nobody really asked for the current remote setup, functional though it may be, and considering the commitment many of us have made to generic remotes… I mean Steinberg has said they are phasing them out, but generic remotes do things that the new software does not and don’t seem to be causing any harm. Why even remove them?

First of all, Generic Remote is still part of Cubase even if it has been flagged “Legacy”. There is no word from Steinberg if/when Generic Remote will be removed completely.
Second, if you’re using MetaGrid Pro, Przemek and co. are currently working on porting MGP over to the new MIDI Remote so you don’t have to. :slight_smile:

Actually in Cubase itself there’s a notice in Studio Setup that it’s being phased out - just doesn’t say when, but they are clear in stating that it’s on the way out.

As to the second point, that’s great, but I use other things that make use of the generic remote also, and the new remote tools are more limited at the moment.

That’s wonderful news, but when did you ask him?

I asked him in October, and the reply wasn’t very encouraging.

Prior, he has said they will both support Metagrd and Metagrid Pro, however I’m beginning to wonder if Metagrid will be discontinued? For myself, I don’t consider the Pro version has lots of features I would take advantage of.

It’s somewhere on his forums. He has stated that MGP will utilize the new MIDI Remote when or before Generic Remote becomes obsolete.

End of November, per his recent FB post. I just asked him if there will be some sort of translation assistance for our custom grids, and will report the answer.