Generic remote: possible to set up a universal fader for current track ?


can anyone help with the setup of the the following, or tell me if this is possible at all ?

I’m trying to make one of the faders of my SAC 2.2 controller a “universal” fader, that will at any time control the currently in cubase selected track. So at first somehow i’d have to block the automatic “select channel” midi message the controller sends to Cubase when touching the fader (is this possible?), and then… ?

As i understood, the other way around - that the controller updates to the currently selected track - does not work either (would be much better).

Basically i would reduce the entire controller to just one fader, i never use them all, tbh. I’d work with my previous Alphatrack controller (single fader), but it’s not supported anymore on Win 10.

Possibly you could use the Generic Remote rather than the driver for the SAC– unless the device sends pitchbend. You could setup a generic remote in Studio Setup and connect the SAC to it and use the learn function to see what it sends. If the result is “Unknown” you would have to use a utility to convert the data.

Then you can build a remote that operates selected controls only, something the GR is very good at :wink: use the “Selected” It depends on what the device is sending- load up a generic remote and route the SAC to it.

Post back if you need more info