Generic remote problems

I have a behringer bcr set up as a generic remote.
But after I have mapped eq, sends etc it will not save new settings that I make.
I am aware that I have to export the generic remote file to save it(for som weird reason).
And believe me I export MANY times!

But when I quit cubase and start again the latest mapping I have done is gone.
Is it just a bug or could it be that I do something wrong?

It works fine for a while.
I can map then export the file and everything is there when I restart cubase.
But suddenly it just says stop.
I can not map anymore without it beeing gone when I restart cubase.

Any thoughts?

I am on windows 7 64-bit and latest version of cubase pro 8(64-bit)

Clear preferences?

How do I do that?
And I don’t know if I wanna do that.

Anyone else have any suggestions on this?
It is so frustrating…