Generic remote: push buttons twice


I can’t get my head around assigning functions to midi controllers. It happens a lot that ‘push’ functions needs to be pushed twice before any action happens. I tried all different flags, but it doesn’t matter. Example:

Deactivate all mute states: Command > Edit > Deactivate all mute states.

It’s flags are fixed to ‘P’ so I can’t change that. To deactivate I need to push a button twice. Another function with no flags needs only one push to toggle a function. Does anybody have an explanation?


I’d suggest you look at your controller’s settings. Sometimes they are set to toggle rather than momentary, or whatever it may be. What controller are you using and what functions do you want to assign to the controls?

Thanks Stephen57,

I didn’t think of that. I’ve got a Behringer X-touch controller and want to assign ‘Deactivate all mute states’ with a button. I will look for an editor for the X-touch and see if I can change something on the controller with it.


You can see what it’s sending by turning on Learn in the GR. That will save you some time.

One other program that might help is called MIDI-OX. It’s free and it will show you what the controller is sending when you press a button or move some other physical control on your controller. In addition to the Learn function, using MIDI-OX may help you identify what the controller is sending. I’m not sure if the GR will be able to be configured to do what you want and it may be that you actually need a Macro or Key Command rather than a GR setting. Good luck and keep working on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for the great tips! Changing to ‘momentary’ in the Editor fixed the issue.

Going to check on MIDI-OX. Missing the MIDI monitor in Logic. Haven’t found one in Cubase.


The List Editor will show you MIDI controller and note information. It’s sometimes helpful. I suspected it was likely some setting in the controller. I dealt with similar issues with my Advance 49.