Generic Remote question & Feature Request

Regarding the Parameter Mixer | Channel | METER MAX:

How is Meter Max scaled/send?

I output Meter Max to a CC#x values 0-127.
I have 16 LEDs, that light up at values 0-7, 8-15, 16-23 … 120-127

With a very dynamic track with VU jumping from min to max, only values around 60-70 seem to be send…

How is the Meter Max value calculated/scaled to the VU range of a channel?

Feature Request: give the possibility for outputting a channel TYPE information:
When a new track/channel is selected, send a channel Type info before anything else channel related.
So you could have a Midi CC#x with values
0=MIDI channel
1=instr channel
2=audio channel
3=folder track
4=automation track

You could react on that message and show individual controls per track type on TouchOSC for example.
Send the selected channels name with MIDI sysex ASCII too.

And a lot more feature wishes…

Also, PLEASE implement better “touch” controls in the generic remote. It should be so easy to implement but it’s not there. I presume this to give the so called “pro” controllers an edge but it’s a PITA!

+1. That would be nice.