Generic Remote Question - Sending current plugin settings out to controller


I’m testing using generic remote to setup a Console 1 type controller for specific plugins in a template, like explained in this article:

I’m using the buttons and endless rotary encoders on a Novation Zero SL MkII in generic midi mode (no Automap) to test this. If I’m able to get this working I’ll pick up a couple of Midi Fighter Twisters.

I have a template with the same plugins in the same slots on every track (Eiosis AirEQ for example) and have assigned the hardware knobs and buttons to plugin controls. In generic remote I’m using the VST Mixer device and Selected channel. So far this works great for controlling the plugin parameters of the selected track from the hardware, but I’m not getting any feedback to the hardware from Cubase. Is there a way to have Cubase send the current value of the plugin parameters so that the LED’s around the encoders get updated to show the currently selected track’s settings? I have the Transmit and Receive flags enabled for each control.

I’m not sure if this is something that generic remote is capable of, or if a command or function needs to be executed in Cubase to force the settings to be sent out to the controller? Any help on this is greatly appreciated, I’ve done a lot of searching here and reading about various generic remote issues, but couldn’t find anything specifically about this.

I’m on macOS High Sierra and Cubase 9.5 btw.



It works to me here (I have tested with internal Cubase plug-ins).

In the upper matrix enable the flags Receive and Transmit.

The question is, if the LED on the hardware (Novation) would really switch On, when it receive the same MIDI message, as it sends. It’s quite common, that you can control the LED by other MIDI message then the sent value is.


  • Button 1: Sends MIDI CC 20 values 0 and 127.
  • Button 1 LED: Receives the MIDI CC 80 values 0 and 127.

I don’t know why exactly it is like this, but it’s quite common.

I tested it with a MIDI Monitor, which tells me, Cubase sent the information out.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for checking on this. I also tested with a MIDI monitor and found that Cubase is indeed sending out the current parameter settings when new tracks are selected, so the issue is that the Novation isn’t updating its LEDs with the incoming message.

This is great news, now I know that it works like I was expecting and am going to pick up a couple of MIDI Fighter Twisters to add to my control surface.


ages later, but maybe this can help someone

this guy explains how to handle the leds for knobs on a behringer X touch mini

maybe it works on the SL mkII