Generic Remote question

Thanks for any help… I have a Korg Z1 as master controller in my setup that has 14 CC-assignable knobs on its left side(but all on the same MIDI channel). I’ve been working with CE 9.5 for more than a month now and I’m feeling quite comfortable, having ported pretty much all my Logic Pro “ways of doing things” in Cubase Elements and discovering the “better ways of doing things” in Cubase.

Only remaining thing is controlling some stuff in the MixConsole via my Korg Z1. I read the section in the manual and played around in the Generic remote editor once created. I have assigned some knobs to the QuickControl, no problems…

Only remaining “problem” is to assign volume, pan and sends 1-4 controls. In Logic you can assign controllers the “selected channel” instead of having each channel assigned to a specific MIDI channel. I can’t seem to succeed with that in Cubase Elements.

But yesterday I was checking the Korg NanoKontrol template for Cubase and the 9th channel is always assigned to “Current channel”. So, it seems possible but I can’t find the way to do it. Any help much appreciated.


Ok, so I decided to load the Korg template and studied it. Foud out about the VST Mixer thingie… all good now!!