Generic Remote Question

Hi there

I have my midi controller set up to control most basic functions in cubase 7. For example transport, faders for volume and rotary knobs for panning and a few other. I have 8 faders and 8 knobs on my Edirol PCR500( well actually 9, but the ninth ones i have set for the stereo bus).

My question is this.
If i have have the faders and rotary knobs set up for 8 tracks, how can i move them to control the next 8 etc without having to change the generic remote control banks every time? Is that possible in cubase?
A few years ago i was using Sonar and when i selected any given track, THAT would be track one for my faders, next track would be track two etc. So if i selected(for example) track 11 then i can control tracks 11-18, if i select tracks 23 then i can control tracks 23-30, track 1 then i control tracks 1-8 etc.

If this has been covered before or in the manual i do apologize, I simply cannot find any info on it and if you could maybe point me in the right direction. I thank you in advance for any info/help you can give me.

There are bank control commands in the GR setup. You assign buttons or whatever to the bank commands. I can’t remember the exact name and i’m not at my DAW, but I think you can just search for “Bank” in the GR command search dialog.

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll take a look and see if i can find it.

Also, I just may have the word “bank” stuck in my head because that’s how I learned it 4673 years ago. The commands are there, and they allow you to move forward and back through banks of faders. But, I could have the wrong term aligned with the GR term.

hm… I don’t know about that, JM. The bank command in the “Remote” category changes the bank of the generic remote to the next generic remote, it doesn’t move control to the next 8 channels as it would for the Mackie Remote or other built in non-generic remote.

Strat32, There’s no way around having to create different banks if you want the same CCs to control different groups of channels, unless you use a remote that mimics the Mackie Universal.

Are you sure there isn’t a previous/next track or something like that? I could be having flashbacks from before they screwed up GR. I have an old template, I’ll look it up tonight and see what I was doing. But, I’m sure I wasn’t in Mackie mode. I don’t use GR anymore, so I could be full of crap.

Thanks guys, I’m looking but not finding anything. I’ll keep looking and hopefully something will come up but if you think of anything else please let me know.

Also, I am considering just using the PCR500 for vsti’s and buying the Steinberg CMC-Series controllers. Do you know if that function be available on them?

You need to add a Command line to control bank selection.

That is what he wants to not do. :wink:

Thanks guys, you guys are great.

NWP, that was my last resort but i guess if it’s the only way i’ll go ahead with bank changes. Thanks for taking the time to post the jpeg.

Anybody have any experience with the Steinberg CMC series controllers?

The CMC FDs do have a bank function, a couple of the others have previous/next track. The CMC are ok-ish, but I think using the keyboard is still faster.

In the generic editor menu assign the cc to “selected” or something like that instead of an specific channel.
That way every time you change the channel you will be able to control it.
I can control eq, sends and pan on every channel. I was waiting that Steinberg will be able to add more cc options to handle the channel strip but still nothing.


Try in the bottom window Command->Remote->Bank Increment/Decrement …

EDIT: But it works like Steve said, it just moves between your GR setups. My memory didn’t totally fail as the “Bank Select” is there. It just didn’t do exactly what I was remembering.

I have this as one of my presets, but can only get it to work with one channel at a time. I use it the most. :wink:

I’ll try that tonight when i’m back at the desk, thanks.

Bank Incrementation is incorporated in the Mackie Emulation mode as well as the Baby HUI (I believe even the CMC-FD uses this emulation). If your controller supports either of these then use them otherwise perhaps check them out to see how it’s done.

While moving banks in the generic remote is not smart and happy, you can copy the banks a couple of times and each one set the faders to the next 8 channels etc. That’s how it’s set in the default generic remote. 4 banks, each controlling 8 channels, named 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32.
If you want more channels, you’ll have to add more banks.
As mentioned earlier, there’s a command to increment/decrement bank.
And if you want to do it a bit quicker, you can export the configuration to an XML file and edit it in a text editor.

Thanks. This what I ended up doing. :sunglasses: