Generic Remote Question

I recently built a new computer and reinstalled everything (wow, what a job!). Anyway, I forgot to save my generic remote setup for my Akai MPK 88, so I’m having to redo all of that. My problem is that after I have put in commands, controls, etc. and then export the setup, I have to import it every time I restart Cubase. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to do that before. I was thinking that Cubase automatically came up with the last Remote setup that I used… Am I wrong ? If not, does anyone know how to make Cubase start with the Generic Remote setup already loaded ?



You are right, it should be restored automatically. Is it always set to the default values? Is the Generic Remote device available after restart of Cubase, or do you have to add it all the time? Are MIDI Input/Output ports still assigned? Is VST 1-16 settings selected?

Could you send a screenshot, how does it look like, when you restart Cubase, and how does it look like, when you import it, please?

Well Martin, thanks for the reply and offer to help. But somehow, when I was trying to make the screen shots for the before and after Import, it started working. I don’t know that I did anything differently, but this time it kept the assignments that I had made without importing. I even restarted the computer to make sure the settings were still there. I must have done something different, but I don’t know what it was. Anyway, thanks again. Now I can go ahead and add the other stuff I want in that remote settings panel.


Hi Ron,

Good for you. :slight_smile: If it happens again, just make screenshots, and post it here. :wink: