Generic Remote / Remote Control Editor Questions

Until a demo becomes available, I have a few questions. They might be a bit specific.

Using Generic Remote, is the Channel Strip available to control for selected channel?

In C8.5 you can see EQ for selected channel, and the name is linked to it’s strip name, but you cannot control any other channel strip items. You can control them from the quick controls, and also if you have a Mackie Control. I would like to be able to set up a Generic Remote to control the strip for each channel. This suggests to me this might not be hard o add to Generic Remote?

Channel Strip in Generic Remote:
C8.5 GR Strip.jpg
Channel Strip from Quick Controls:
C8.5 QC Strip.jpg
Can Generic Remote devices take advantage of the Remote Control Editor?

In C8.5 the Remote Control Editor can be used to rearrange and rename VST parameters. If you apply your arrangement then this is reflected in the VST (Instrument) Quick Controls, and also for non-instrument VSTs on a supported remote (e.g. a Mackie Control Unit), but the Generic Remote cannot take advantage of this.

(Before the RCE was introduced I used to place VSTXML mapping files next to VST .DLL’s to rearrange their parameters, and this was then recognised in Cubase (both in GR and the Quick Controls), but this no longer seems to work)

Can the Sampler Track be controlled from Generic Remote or other remote interfaces like Mackie Control?

Particularly, can you set up something that controls parameters in a sensible order that will work for whichever sampler track you select? In other words, are the parameters laid out sensibly, ideally in multiples of 8. In generic remote, where are the sampler track controls - in the Device, Channel/Category or Value/Action column?


  1. No, only Strip EQ is accessible via Generic Remote. The workaround could be to assign the Generic Remote to the Quick Controls, and then the Quick Controls to the Channel Strip. :-/

  2. This is the same, as it was in C8.5.

  3. Yes, Sample Track can be controlled via Generic Remote device.

Thanks Martin. 1 and 2 are a shame, those could both be really useful features if they could be more widely used.

There is another workaround for accessing channel strip by emulating the Mackie Control Protocol, which also gives control of the channel strip. It would be better through the generic remote though, so that e.g. I could access N parameters for any selected track, which I have set up once, and which are immediately accessible and pre-arranged in an order I have chosen (e.g. 32 knobs and 20 buttons on a BCR 2000, or a custom designed interface on Lemur or TouchOSC)

Since asking the question I have also found a screenshot of the Sampler track parameters from Bencow’s post in this thread.