Generic Remote: Request resending all data

When you start Cubase or click the Reset button in the Generic Remote editor, Cubase updates all value on the remote controller.

Is there a way to trigger this resending of all data via a remote command? Or is there any other trick to force Cubase to resend all fader and channel settings (mute, record, solo, pan,…) besides clicking on the reset button in set Generic Remote setup window?

Hi bemi,
since you are building a remote controller - have you ever considered to have a look at the Steinberg SDKs instead of relying on the future of GR?
Just a thought!

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question.
BR, Ernst

Hi Elien,

a assume, you mean this site:
As far as I understand, there are only SDKs for Plugins (Instrument, FX, Midi) and for the ASIO driver.
What I would need is an SDK that would be able to access the UI of Cubase.

Btw: What do you mean by “elying on the future of Generic Remote”? Do you think, Steinberg could drop the support for Generic Midi controller?


There is (or was) a Remote SDK, but it is not open in the same way as VST-SDK. It requires NDA.

I don’t think so.
Can I ask why you need this?

This is useful for remotes with diffennt types of leds. LIke Behringer BCR2000. If you have “loop” on and a led for it then you want it to be correct, not only correct after a keypress.

Create a midi track with the required commands, and send (play) it to the device when needed.

Do you know how to request that, please?

The NDA forbids me… Just kidding. I dont know. The closest today is maybe this page:
They dont seem to that keen about selling or co-operate regarding their “technologies”.

There are NDAs for many things, beta testers and independent reps like me sign one.

As far as the SKI ADK, which is what’s needed, they share this with ‘selected’ manufacturers.

They way I understand it, you would have to be an established manufacturing company that already produces stuff. The SKI gives access to much more of the GUI than the Generic Remote.

Steinberg is extremely open about their technologies that are not Cubendo specific, for example, anyone can download the VST SDK and build their own plugins for zero cost. The company is a model for open architecture in that respect, and it’s up to developers to actually implement the tools that are available. Some do, like VSL, and some don’t like NI.

That’s a shame about the SDK for Remote components, oh well! :frowning:

How do you get cubase to automatic play it when cubase is started?


my workaround is to just click in the controller midi-selection again and it refreshes my device