Generic Remote: Select Track and AI knob

Is it possible to use only one rotary- (or button-) control to scroll through channels?
The only Value/Action I can find is Select Track: Next and Select Track: Prev.
(That would involve two rotary controls).


"you need: VST mixer/device/selected, but to get there you first select: VSTmixer/Selected/selected, and then change the first “selected” into “device”. If you assign a cc and a fader in your controller to that, you can scroll trough the channels (128 max).

Don’t know if this stil works in 8, but you can also ad it manualy:
create a new controller, call it:
SCROLL CHANNEL and select your note/cc and midichannel in the top row

now save (export) the file, and open with notepad. (Save a copy as a backup?)
copy this code into the lower part of the generic remote file, just above the last:

VST Mixer-1selected0

A lot of controllers let you specify different messages on left and right turn… (BCR20000, lemur)
To create buttons that go one channel up or down (endlessly) use: command/navigate/up or down,and assign a cc or note"
and set the generic remote flag to ‘endless’, ‘rotary’ or something like that.

Thanks a lot, now it works like a charm!

How about AI-knob, is there any way to configure a controllers rotary-knob to behave like an AI-knob?


That is a lot harder as the controller itself has to be touch sensitive…

I’m not so sure that’s the reason. The CMC AI knob isn’t touch sensitive at the “grasp” of the knob. It only responds to rotation and a press-in (button).

I think Steinberg has simply chosen to not expose AI to midi controllers so that it can sell its own hardware instead (which, ironically, it discontinued).

If there is a sneaky way to get around this, I’d love to hear about it.

I’m interesting in doing the opposite of the OP. I wanna have my CMC AI knob navigate through the tracks in the arrange window. Pretty sure there is no way to do this.

The only option might be to do something clever with Bome MIDI translator in the middle and essentially “hide” that CMC unit from Cubase, directly.

Navigating tracks with the mouse / mousewheel is horrendous in Cubase.

Sorry to dredge this up 5 years later, but I’m trying to do the same thing - selecting a track via generic remote.
I had it working by mapping a CC to Mixer / (Track Name) / selected.
Now it’s not working for some reason. From one moment / save to the next. Any ideas anyone…?

In the end I just did it with the Project Logical Editor, which I guess is safer anyway as it avoids the mappings getting lost if adding / removing / rearranging tracks.
For those interested, go:

  • Project - project logical editor…
  • Filter target = Name. Condition = equal. Paramater 1 = track name.
  • NO ACTION TARGET (delete it with the minus button)
  • Function = select
  • Save it as a preset

Then in the generic remote editor, map your CC to:

  • Device = command
  • Channel/Category = Process project logical…
  • Value/action = your logical editor preset you saved before.