Generic Remote set up profile for Korg NanoKontrol Studio


One month ago, I purchased a Korg NanKontrol Studio controller. (I now wish I had bought a CC121). Under the default ‘Cubase Mode’ it works as expected, but to change to ‘Assignable Mode’ to control my Spitfire library parameter is a real pain as one has to close everything down and switch the unit on again using a different combination of buttons. I have created 'change CC’s file for the 3 parameters required for Spitfire, and it works well.

I have learnt that, for convenience, one can use different ‘Scenes’ within ‘Assignable Mode’. As I understand it, one has to configure Cubase’s Generic Remote, and save it as a Data set *.nktrl_st_data file, and there are 62 midi parameters on the KontrolStudio unit and, frankly, I’m not sure that I am up to it. With this in place, the unit can remain in ‘Assignable Mode’ and the two Scenes (ie Cubase & Spitfire library) will then be switchable without powering down.

I am writing in the hope that maybe a Cubase user, far more able than I, may have already created such a file for the Korg NanoKontrol Studio controller to operate Cubase 10. 5Pro, and that they might share it with me.