Generic Remote Set up sustain pedal

Hello my sustain pedal is muting my keyboard at the moment and the only forum advice I could find says to disable the generic remote, however I need the Generic Remote and currently in the process of setting it up. I’ve learnt how to set up Transport and midi learnt the faders and pans but completely clueless about the sustain…

Any advice?

Also how do I know which fader/pan is assigned to which CC, it displays channel and MIDI address but what about the numbering of the CC?


Open the Generic Remote device. In the upper table, you can find the controllers, which triggers the functions. In the lower table, you can see, which function is triggered by the controller.

So, in the upper table, find MIDI CC64 (which is Sustain), and delete this one line. This will get rid of Mute by Sustain.

To know, which MIDI CC is assigned to the hardware controller, use any MIDI Monitor application, or the MIDI Monitor Inser plug-in of Cubase (but switch off the Generic Remote Device, before). Some MIDI Keybords display the MIDI CC number after you stop to moving it (during the movement, they display the value), on the display. Or you can check it in the settings of the keyboard.

Hey, Thank you for your response.

I have deleted sustain and the pedal started to sustain notes instead of muting them (I thought I would have to manually set it up to make sustain).

I still can’t figure out how to set up CC11. On my keyboard it says CC11 under the second pan but it doesn’t seem to affect the expression in my vst’s (and the manual of that vst says it should). when I midi-learn it at pan 2 in the upper window it sets it to MIDI channel 16 and address 18 (not sure which one of them is meant to represent the CC number, I assume the address…?)


MIDI CC number is represented by Adress in the Generic Remote. So if you can see Address 18, then this dedicated hardware controller is sending MIDI CC 18 (not 11). Also MIDI Channel 16 is uncommon. Comonnly, we are using MIDI Channel 1. But this should make a problem, Cubase will translate it to the MIDI track.

Please, set your MIDI keyboard to send the MIDI CC11.

Thank you for clarifying that Address = CC number.

I guess I will have to re-read the Oxygen 88 manual and study it how to set up CC11 because all the presets are just a little off. The closest I managed to get was CC 17 on one of the pans.