Generic Remote Settings won't save

Since Cubase 10 any changes I make to generic remotes won’t save after I reboot Cubase. Yes I’ve hit apply and ok. Anyone else experience this behavior? Any ideas Addmins?


Again as written in other posts, (unless you have a new bug) you have to export your GR settings, then IMPORT it back in, then apply it and save. Cubase has been like this since forever, at least since SX2 when I first started messing around with GR. The clue is: make your settings - export it - then Import it back on top of itself. (even its already there)

Thanks bjwinge. I’ll try this. I’ve been a Cubase user since before SX and never had this issue until 10.


This worked! Thanks again bjwinge!

When the control name is the same, the setting information of the general remote device is not saved correctly.
If there are multiple items with the same control name, the setting information of the general remote device will not be saved correctly.

Items set on the GUI are displayed and operate as set. However, after restarting Cubase, it will be in the “no allocation” state.
It doesn’t seem to be written correctly. (I don’t know if there is a problem with writing or reading.)

This is a very rudimentary bug and has not been resolved yet.
(If the control name is the same, saving and loading does not solve the problem, so it is strictly different from menacemusic’s problem.)
I think the ticket should be open until the bug is fixed. Also, QA will need to be aware of this issue.

Today I mistakenly saved a GR file that included multiple items with the same name (and therefore did not import into GR after I restarted Cubase).
To overcome this swiftly, I did the following:

Open the .xml file in textEdit (Mac) > rename any items that had the same name to other items > save as new xml. file > import works!

Hope that helps someone out…