Generic Remote settings ?

I’m learning Generic Remote. But I’m having trouble with the lower half of the page where you designate what the Cubase function is that you want the hardware to control.

Specifically, there are just a bunch of pull down menus in the lower half of the page. But its difficult for me to understand what each of the functions in the pull-downs relate to in terms of the actual Cubase function.

For example, when trying to specify a button on my MIDI keyboard to use to control a transport function, I don’t know what function to pick in the lower half page- should it be “transport”, or “control”, or …

Is there somewhere a detailed explanation of the choices available in the lower half of Generic Remote page and what they do, and which one to pick to be controlled by my hardware button, fader, or knob ?


Very powerful thing generic remote.

I love it.

It can do anything I’ve ever wanted.

Learn your key commands, it can call any one of those.

I set up two buttons that transpose the highlighted midi up and octave and down an octave respectively.

I did that calling a preset in the logical editor, if I remember right.

Whatever you do a lot try assigning a button to it by using the keyboard shortcut. And you can assign a keyboard shortcut to it if it doesn’t have one.

Good Luck!

Thanks ! Hadn’t even thought of assigning buttons to keyboard shorts. But that’s just another example of why I’m trying to find some tutorials/examples of what some of the best, most useful functions in Cubase are to assign to controllers. Just the list alone of functions is not very helpful. Here is a hotlink to it and you can see what I mean……Finally_(Almost)_All_Options_On_One_Page .jpg


Link not working for me but I know what you mean.

I think you get a good list of functions paging through the menu’s in the key command section.

You can call up functions from plugins also with the GR.

Only thing about that is you can’t change the order without changing the GR.

So if an compressor plug is first on the track and you set up the GR to control it with knobs it will stop working if you put another plug first.

A lot of this takes time to develop a workflow and then look at your workflow to find where you can save time.

I use a contour shuttle, I like moving the timeline with the jog wheel, but it also has keystroke macros that can be setup for buttons.

I have one button that deletes the take you just recorded, rewinds and is setup for the next take.

Just being able to do stuff without grabbing the mouse all the time is quicker.