Generic Remote - Sort by Controller.../Midi.../Address etc.

Hi there.

Just a quick wish that might be simple but could be a search time saver.

Would be lovely if clicking any of the tabs in Studio/Studio Setup/Generic Remote would sort by its respective column.

I find my self checking if a certain midi channel has already been assigned quite often, when assigning new shortcuts on my touch screen. That task would be much easier if clicking the “Midi Channel” tab for instance, would sort the controllers by that parameter. That option would give me an easy overview of what channels I have used already without the need for an external spreadsheet.

In addition, it would be awesome if clicking the Midi Channel tab or the Address tab would sort both, so both are in numerical order.
i.e. clicking Midi Channel will list controllers by midi channel number and all controllers with a specific number will be sorted internally by address.

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Best, Byrial.