Generic Remote strangeness question

So I’ve been working on getting a template going for a Behringer BCR2000:

I set up the BCR to send the exact same info using different presets, except for midi channel.

Then I went into the generic remote setup and mapped the incoming midi messages (midi learn) to specific plugins in the vst mixer. Obviously this requires the plugins to live in the exact same slot which I’m willing to live with for now.

The goal here is to be able to simply switch preset on the BCR only and then get control over a specific plugin in Nuendo (living, as I said, in a specific insert slot).


While setting up, Nuendo (5.5) allows me to program as many incoming midi messages as I like in the “upper table” - it then allows me to set up as many “links” between them and desired actions in the “lower table”. At this point everything actually works exactly as I want.

BUT, once I export this setup using the export button, and then re-import the exact same settings, some of the controls from the lower section have disappeared!!!


I was extremely happy about the behavior and flexibility of Nuendo for exactly 24 hours, bragging about how I could buy a cheap generic controller and get exactly the mapping I wanted to inserted plug-ins - a very cool feature… Now, not so happy… :imp:


EDIT: Just to clarify - when setting up input/output functions exactly as desired. It’s after having saved / re-started / re-imported the settings that mappings have been f-ed up.

EDIT 2: I’m only using one generic remote controller.

EDIT 3: Nuendo clearly fucks up saving the xml file. I just checked. It reassigned controls from insert #2 to #4 without me telling it to.

Btw; I’ll take the opportunity to rant about two issues here:

  1. How poorly the manual is since it doesn’t clearly and simply explain the workings of this feature set.

  2. How dumb you guys (Steinberg) are for not allowing Nuendo users to post in the Cubase forum (and vice versa). I’m guessing there are more people in the Cubase section that use the BCR than there are in the Nuendo section, but thanks to this dumb rule I can’t post my question there. Thanks.

Be sure that all of your controls have unique names. When you are programming them, nuendo will allow the same names to control different parameters, but when you save and then import this, it gets confused and will only load the first one

I also use some cheap midi controllers for stuff, Native Instruments traktor kontrol 1. I have two and they are hard wired through generic control to alway control parameter of plug ins and others on the selected track. Works very well. But I had the same drop out and resetting of controls that you are talking about

Thanks Dropper,

I’ll make sure the names are unique and see if that helps.

I’d say that if this is the case then the programming should be tweaked since it’s a bit annoying when unaware of the issue. If Nuendo could simply check the tables for duplicate names and prompt for changing them that would suffice. And unless I missed it this should go into either the operation manual and/or the “issues” document.

Hi, I’m using the BCR since serveral years now and I’m very happy with it. I guess it’s the only controller on the market which allows me to do EQing with a dozen of rotarys in a typical EQ-like order, without beeing forced to do EQing with fader or with a few layered pan-knobs in a single row…

I use just two presets of the BCR, and I’ve programmed each one to a new single generic device (with the same midi-assignment of course). I never had im/export-problems with this setup. The big issue with this is, that switching the preset does not work on the fly, because of missing MIDI-remapping, and I have to re-select the concerned track to get the right LED-Status on the BCR…, but I think it’s nearly the same when switching preset within one generic device?

I remember reading your posts now that I think about it. Thanks for sharing your experiences. So far I’m actually happy about the BCR itself. For all the sheit Behringer is given this is a quite a good bang/buck ratio.

Hmmmm… Can you clarify that a bit?

So you’ve got your BCR setup with two presets that you switch between. And then in Cubendo you set up two generic remotes, both accepting commands from the same BCR, right? So I take it your BCR presets are then sending on different midi channels, or?

And I’m confused as to why your BCR would have problems updating the LED status…

I’ll have to double check, but off the top of my head it worked perfectly (until save/quit/reload).


I’ve also noticed that putting my computer to sleep, then turning off the BCR, turning the BCR on again, and then waking the computer results in Nuendo not triggering to incoming commands.

What ends up happening is that it gets selected for my custom generic control device. Moving parameters on the plug-in on-screen with the trackball feeds that changed value back to the BCR and the rings/buttons change accordingly. But moving encoders won’t change the values in the plug-in.

If I then open the setup for it and select the encoder (controller “slot” in upper table) in question, hit “learn” and turn it, Nuendo accepts the incoming commands and will “learn” properly which midi is incoming. Hit apply and close window and it still won’t work.

Restart is only recourse.

So you’ve got your BCR setup with two presets that you switch between. And then in Cubendo you set up two generic remotes, both accepting commands from the same BCR, right? So I take it your BCR presets are then sending on different midi channels, or?

Yes, you’re right. The BCR presets are sending on different midi channels by default. The only reason why i did the setup this way was to make the setup page a bit more clearly arranged (…and I set up the second preset some month later, btw…).

And I’m confused as to why your BCR would have problems updating the LED status…

When switching preset on the BCR, the actual midi parameters (of the plugin which should be remoted with new preset) are not transmitted to the BCR. So not all Rotary/Switch-Positions are refreshed correctly.
Example: On the first BCR-preset I control the panner with one knob and turn it to the hard right. Then I switch the BCR-preset. On this new preset the same knob should control the gain of an EQ band. When I touch the knob now, the EQ-Gain immediately jumps to the highest value, which is caused by the position I turned the knob on previous preset.

This missing midi-refreshment is just concerning values I’ve changed in previous preset. Knobs I did not touch before switching preset are alright. So when switching the BCR I just re-select the channel I’m working on, which refreshes the midi-status on the BCR. But since I’m working on Preset 1 nearly all the time, it’s not that big issue for me…

Ah, of course. That makes sense.