Generic Remote: Surround Panner, "Rotate Signal"


It is possible to set a Quick Control to: “SurroundPanner V5 -> Rotate Signal”. Which is great but there is a bug in the Quick Controls. If you want to make a big template (which I am doing) than you most-likely want to disable your Instrument Tracks. This is a very big performance gain. It saves tons of memory and really speeds-up the loading time. But, if you enable a disabled Intrument Track the Quick Controls of that track keep the labels as before you disabled it, but the values are now linked to the original VST Quick Controls. This hidden feature (or bug) is doing this to my face:

:cry: or sometimes even this: :smiling_imp:

So i thought to circumvent this feature/bug by setting the Generic Remote that I’m using directly to Rotate Signal. Instead of Quick Control slots. Unfortunally this does not exist: :confused: The only options for Surround Panning that can be selected are:

  • Left-Right
  • Front-Rear

Yet for Quick Controls the options are:

  • Left-Right
  • Front-Rear
  • LFE Level
  • Signal Width
  • Rotate Signal
  • Divergence/Center Distribution
  • Divergence/Front Focus
  • Divergence/Rear Focus
  • Divergence/Side Focus
  • Speaker/X Channel off/on (X for all channels)

So in general you can not assign any surround panning options/values to generic controls other than the 2 listed above. Which ofcourse is doing this to my face: :frowning:

Does anyone have a suggestion on surround panning mapped on midi controllers within Cubase 8.5.x :question:

And if using Quick Controls is really the only viable option, then does someone have any suggestion on how to best work with Instrument Tracks on big templates. If i’m not disabling them then the memory usage and overal performance is bad. If I use track presets than values for Sends, Quick Controls and Routing are reset to default (is this a bug or a feature, i myself cant tell).

I really like Cubase but the’re a lot of bugs/inconsistencies that need some love.

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(EDIT: Typo: Remote Signal -> Rotate Signal)

I couldn’t find any other way for using the surround panner on a generic controller other than Quick Controls. I still cannot use the disable/enable track method for building a template. However I was able to use the export/import tracks (to xml) option. Although this works it does make me wonder…, There is this big MediaBay where you can also save track-presets but this system is unable to provide the most basic of needs. And for many people this and consistent generic remote support are the main reasons for building big templates. The export/import method gives a feeling of being less immersed. Then the disable/enable method is introduced and this also is not working for the full 100%.

Also i ren into an other problem/bug/feature. If you use multiple outputs on say HALion 5, then if you import the xml track the Quick Controls of these outputs are not working! I’ve circumvented this by routing the outputs through group channels. :unamused: (putting the panning and volume on the group channel instead of the output)

To quote myself: “I really like Cubase but the’re a lot of bugs/inconsistencies that need some love.”

:exclamation: Please Steinberg fix this. Give us beter usable and consistent track-presets, routing and generic remotes! :exclamation:

For now I can continue, but still if someone has any great ideas for these kind of problems. Than please share!

Best Regards,