Generic Remote Switching bank via Remote Command?

There is a group called “Remote” under “Command” to send commands to cubase. In the “Remote” group you can select which bank shall be selected.

I tested this command and wondered. When I trigger a command from a Midi Controller, it actually switches banks, but not in the way I would have expected it.
It switches the banks in the Generic Remote “Editor”, only. I had expected that when you switch to another Bank, that the configuration would be switch, so that you can select which bank is active to interprete your MIDI messages. Like it is when you go to the “Studio” menu and “More Options” and then “Generic Remote”. The little window where you can select the bank, which really switches the bank that processes the MIDI message.

Could that be a bug? I don’t believe that anybody wants to switch banks via MIDI Remote only for editing the Remote Commands. I would expect that this is intended to switch the banks for the real processing when you are working on your music and want the controller to control something else.

The command refers to the Generic Editor bank, of course. It’s so you can have individual controllers doing different things.

Not a bug.

If I have individual controller doing individual things, I would add more then one instance of Generic Remote.

I think the banks are there to switch the functionallity of one controller, depending what you are doing.

Bemi, if what you found is true, it is obviously a bug imho. I seem to remember that it was different in former versions.

Of course it only makes sense to switch the bank via a command if this effects the behaviour of the GR. if it only triggers something in the editor, the function is pure nonsense - you are right!

Bemi, another thing came to my mind - I seem to remember that the command only works when the tiny selection window for bank selection is open!
It is a vague remembering - maybe you try whether I remember correctly

I had the window open and watched the text. It didn’t change, but the text in the Remote Editor changed.

Btw: Do you know a place where all those Remote Command are describt? A lot of those command do things, I don’t understand from just trying them.

Unfortunately there is no documentation for GR Commands - probably because it is a “bastard feature” (quote from one of the Steinberg representants here in the forum years ago) - it existis but noone at Steinberg cares.

It’s the only way to create your own Remote Control. Of corse, if there is an SDK? But who knows. Would be nice if there is something official.

Bemi, there is a developer forum and there are some SDKs - I dont know whether they include functions for Remote Controlling Cubase.

Bemi, I don’t know for sure, but from what you’re saying, maybe you misunderstand. When you switch a bank in the GR, the lower pane changes, the upper pane remains the same. This way, the same midi messages can have different functions.

I just checked it out and it works- the bank changes and my midi messages (note-ons for this case) control the things I configured in the two banks I set up.

A large portion of the commands in the GR are just duplicates of Key Commands. But some aren’t. If you try a command and it does nothing, it might be because you don’t have an active object to which command is applicable.

Hi, I remember that switching the banks worked here exactly the way steve described it - this is the whole purpose of the banks as I wrote recently in another thread.

So the question is - why is it not working in your setup.

Ok, I found my fault.

Since Cubase Generic Remote does not reflect incoming MIDI messages, I had 2 Generic Remotes with exactly the same configuration. One for incoming MIDI and the other to reflect the received MIDI messages.
With the command I switched banks of the Generic Remote for the incoming MIDI. In this case it did not trigger a switching of the second Generic Remote setup.

So my current solution is to have one Generic Remote with Midi-In and -Out (so that switching Banks triggers complete resending of all controllers) and a second identical Generic Remote only with Midi-Out to reflect the incoming actions.
I assume that MIDI message now get sent twice when initiated from Cubase. But it is working so far.