generic remote - targeted commands keep changing

Hi, I am trying to make a decent generic remote setup for standard operations like changing workspaces, monitoring, and also mute groups. Now for the latter, I assigned a row of 8 knobs to mute/unmute 8 group channels. I figured, once I set this up, this will keep working as expected no matter what the layout of my session or no matter what names the actual groups will get. But I noticed things didn’t keep working as expected. I went back to the Generic Remote setup and noticed that the targeted tracks for the mute command have changed. Why is that and what am I not getting that it is that I’d need to get to get it right?

*edit: the same thing happened for workspaces. Why is there all of a sudden a new workspace in the first slot in the workspace organizer? This screws up my assignments, obviously.

*also, the topic name should have been “targeted tracks keep changing”

Make sure that all the controls have different names (essential) and that you save the generic remote.

ok, i actually have different names for all the controls and I did export the settings. Is it so that you can not change anything to the session layout after you load the generic remote?? because the targeted tracks (bottom of the generic remote setup window, in the column channel/category) all got renamed and worse, the order got messed up (e.g. button 1 that i designed to mute group 1 now controls group 2 for some reason). I figured that “group channel 1” would remain group channel 1, no matter how I name it afterwards, and that the assigned button would keep working because the target is still group 1 under the hood.

What about the workspaces, how come I get a new workspace in the first slot of the workspace organizer? I haven’t defined and saved this workspace, it just appeared.

anyone who could help me with this issue? I think this is weird behaviour. After adding instrument tracks and audio tracks into the session, the buttons that were originally assigned to mute group channels 1-8 now mute certain vst intrument channels. Why doesn’t Cubase ‘lock’ those buttons to control group channels 1-8? I find it particularly odd that the buttons now control an entirely different type of track. I’m pretty sure it can’t be true that you have to keep adapting your generic remote assignments every time after adding a different type of track into a session, just to make sure that the correct tracks are still targeted?

I’m pretty sure it can be true… and is true. I’m not saying I like it, but it is what it is. People such as me have griped about G/R for years.

I’m not exactly sure how Generic Remote works (like L/E after all these years it’s still not even fully documented), but it -appears- that it ‘remembers’ the physical channel #s… NOT channel -names-.

What I end up doing is saving a project template, with the same tracks in the same order EVERY time. I just pretend Cubase is a hardware mixing desk, where the channels are fixed.

When I change to a different type of ‘song’ I save a different G/R XML file. I have G/R XML files for many different song types and hardware setups.

Is this inconvenient? Rube Goldberg? Fragile? Of course!

I would -prefer- that the G/R could be linked to channels by -name- so I didn’t have to worry about it. Perhaps some day.



I am stunned to hear this. So inconvenient…

The best way to utilize “generic remote” is to make a template of everything you need (mixer wise) using “selected channel”. This way, it doesn’t matter how many channels you add or delete, the selected channel always remains constant. Of course other commands not related to the (ever changing) mixer are fine.