Generic remote template on CMC-AI not working after restart


If there is any Function assigned already, when you make an assignment to the Key Command, Cubase informs you about this existing assignment and you have to decide, if you want to overwrite it, or keep the old one. If you didn’t see this kind of message, there were no function to the Alt+Q assigned before.

Yeah, but I had assigned this key command a few years back, so I can’t remember if it was already a default assignment by Cubase, or if I assigned it myself.

ALT+Q in my case opens up the Device Setup Screen, but that key command might have a different assignment for someone else. I just wanted to clarify that. :wink:

Well I am pretty new tu Cubase 8.5. Was a longtime logic user.

I setup some generic devices for controlling Lemur and some other gear.
After each reboot all my settings are gone. Means every lovely morning I gotta program those In and outputs.

Another thing that is really boring me is the VST connections. I always have to reload them.
There should be at least some kind of autoload template setup that includes these settings, I mean we don"t use for each template a complete other setup.

Other than this I love cubase and wait for a fix. If you guys have any tips I would be thankful :wink:


I guess, you are on Mac, right?

Unfortunately, there is an issue on lots of 3rd party, who are providing virtual MIDI Ports. During every single Cubase start, they generate a new MIDI Port unique ID. So it’s always a new (another) Device from Cubase point of view. This is why you have to set it again and again in the Generic Remote Device.

Regarding the VST Connection, I would recommend you to make a new thread on the forum. In general, the settings is stored in the project, and there are some rulers, when to load it from the project, and when to keep the last settings. There are also rulers, what settings should by applied, when a new project is created.

So I made my life a little easier by doing the following:

  • Downloaded and installed a little scripting program called “Autohotkey”.
  • Created a little script (and placed this script in Windows startup folder) that sends the following key presses in sequence:

ALT+J -> R -> O

In Cubase I’ve assigned ALT+J to open de ‘Device Manager/Devices’ window with the Generic Remote templates settings etc.

I’ve configured the Autohotkey script to trigger when I presss ‘ALT+Q’.
So now when I start Cubase, all I have to do is press ‘ALT+Q’, and the script will automatically press the sequence of keys which in effect opens the device manager -> presses the ‘Reset button’ and presses the ‘OK’ button (which closes the Devices window).

Mind, this only works if the concerning Generic Remote template has the focus/is selected in the ‘Device Setup -> Devices’ window. But, if you have more GR templates, you can get around this by programming the script with TAB and up/down arrow sequences.

Anyway, like I said, this does make life a little easier. Definitely worth the 30 mins I spent on setting this up! :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I found a solution,

you don’t need to export or import anything, or do anything else to make GR work as expected.

My problem was a mistake in an xml file itself - maybe the same controller number, action or name in different lines of code (I don’t know the exact reason why it refused to import and to save itself). Actually, I edited my exported XML, which refused to load itself back to Cubase, deleting all the lines except my own assigned ones - that saved me a lot of time programming everything from scratch.

But the best way is just to start your GR programming with an empty list, deleting all the controllers first, and adding only the ones you need, taking care of not to double the names, functions, controller numbers in different lines.

Than solved all problems with my Korg Nanokontrol2 - now everything loads and works like a charm, almost every button and fader is connected with misc Cubase functions!

Sorry for my bad English and my strong Russian accent. Cheers guys!

Igor, Moscow (Cubase user since 1989)

Hi Igor, I’m afraid you didn’t. Maybe the Nanocontrol is working for you now, but the CMC controllers are not!
(and yes, I tried with clean exports/XML files etc, etc)

Specifically, the following hasn’t been solved:

If you look at the following quote from my very first post that started this topic:

"I have not been able to reproduce this issue with other midi controllers. I tried this with the NI Kore 2 controller and the Akai LPK controller, and they both worked fine. "

The problem -after all these years and having upgraded to Cubase 9- still persists specifically with Steinberg’s OWN CMC controllers. :imp:

Cubase 9.5 and the same problem here.
As usual problems with Steinberg’s own hardware do not get solved.
For example, there is a problem with the Audio hardware Menu of the UR Interfaces too.
Really disappointing.