Generic remote + touch sensitive faders

Can anyone please offer some advice as to how to program the generic remote to take advantage of touch sensitive faders?

Hi RR !
Theres a discussion about this here:

That seems to be a discussion explaining the merits of touch sensitive faders.

I’m specifically looking to program my touch sensitive unit (behringer x touch compact) so that the touch sensitive faders function as intended during automation (ie, overriding fader movement/writing new automation upon touch during write mode and then returning to reading when letting go).

Hoping someone can help,


I don’t have that device, does it have a Mackie emulation mode?

Or, what midi message does it send, if any, when you touch a fader?

I know what you mean. I ended up writing a MIDI Translator script for that purpose. It basically engages the Logical Read / Write script on touch of the fader. Using a JL cooper here as generic remote.

Hi nsharp.
Any chance you’d please consider sharing your script/ offering some assistance? Sounds like you’ve solved what I was looking for.

Hi again nsharp,
Would really appreciate you sharing your knowledge - I’m sure a lot of people would benefit from the info.

I’ll send you the MIDI translator project file: What you’re looking for is in sections:

5 - Automation (Send touch and release info to cubase Logical Editor)
8 - Controller 1 to Cubase
9 - Cubase To controller 1
10 - Mixer and Automation (Turns the touch release functions on and off whiten MTP)
12 - Ping (Is only used when you use a Makie Protocol)

Everything else is is Protools related and not used for this. I’ll follow up in a bit.

Ok thanks…look forward to receiving it