Generic remote : track type filter in main window

I search for the command in generic remote to filtering visibility of the tracks in the main window (not in the mixer).
I tried a solution with the ple but there is no difference between the midi and instrument tracks

Can anyone help me?


Are you aware of the Track Visibility Agents in the Project Window? Is it the function you are searching for?

Hi @Martin.Jirsak
Thanks but that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m doing an interface with Openstagecontrol.
Track visibility agent gives you access to : all track, selected, with data…
These settings are actually available in GR with command/channel & track Visibility/ Agent “filter type”.

“Set track type filter” (just left of the Track visibility icon in the project window) allows to filter by track type : audio, instruments, sampler… like in the mix window.
Unless I’m mistaken, there is no access to the “Set track type filter” command in GR.


OK, I can confirm. Yes, in the PLE, there is no difference between the MIDI and Instrument Track.