Generic Remote Transmit Issue

Hi guys,

I’m hoping someone may have an answer to this issue.

I’ve set up the Generic Remote to both receive and transmit MIDI data for various VST Mixer, Transport, MIDI Mixer and Command functions. All of the functions work as expected when receiving MIDI data on the assigned MIDI In port, but only the VST Mixer, Transport and MIDI Mixer functions will transmit MIDI data on the assigned MIDI Out port. For some reason, none of the Command functions will transmit any data at all. Is there a reason for this, or am I missing something important?

Any and all suggestions are gratefully received!


Hi and welcome,

I get a Transmit back from the Transport > Device > Start.

What kind of command explicitly is not working to you, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response, it’s greatly appreciated.

None of the Command > Tools>; Command > Add Track >; Command > Quantize Category>; Command > Edit >; Command > Window Zones > and Command > Zoom > options will transmit the assigned MIDI note, but they all receive MIDI and execute as expected.


Right, these commands don’t transmit the signal, you are right. Only commands where the Product Owners expect some practical visual feedback on a HW controller transmit the message out.

I agree I can imagine practical use even for these commands.

Hi Martin,

That’s what I was afraid of! It’s a pity - I was hoping I could get this kind of functionality for the work I’m doing for my PhD. I’m going to think of a workaround if I can!

Thanks for your help - it’s been really helpful.