Generic Remote Transmit Toggle Button Message

Hello everyone,

Im hopeful someone out there can give me a hand :slight_smile:

I have a rotary knob with led’s for volume control, if I jump between tracks the volume level is transmitted to the device and the leds change accordingly, very simple, works like a charm.

I want to have the same effect with a track mute button, is there any way to to this?

I have the button set as toggle on the midi device, and I assigned the button to Mixer - Selected - Mute, I set the Flags to Receive, Transmit, Toggle.

But if I select a muted track my button doesn’t light up, likewise if I press the button to mute a track it will stay lit until I press it again.

I couldn’t find anything related to this on the internet, hope someone out there knows how to do this.

Thank you

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You may have to check the settings on your controller as well as those used in the GR.

On my Akai Advance 48, a set of toggle switches can be set to “Momentary” or “Toggle” in the keyboard’s set-up. You may have some similar settings on your control that need to be adjusted accordingly. I have a Mute and Solo and the buttons are Lighted when in use and unlit (off) when not in use.

I’m curious too. I have a launchpad mk3 mini. When I set it as “Generic Controller” in Cubase, selecting a track or soloing a track is not reflected back on the launchpad. If I set it to “Mackie Controller” selecting or soloing a track, also does so on my launchpad, however I have much less customization with Mackie option compared to setting up a generic controller.

So, I’m wondering if “Generic Controller” works with motorized faders/sends midi outs as it is supposed to at all…


Yes, Generic Remote can send the data out from Cubase to the hardware. Explore the flags in the Generic Remote Device, please. Be aware, sometimes you have to send other MIDI date to the hardware comparison what you send from the hardware.

My expectation is, you want to light the Launchpads’ pad red, when you solo the track. The pad might send Note On message. But to switch the pads’ LED on, the hardware could expect totally different message. It could be MIDI CC, where the value defined the color. It could even be a SysEx message.

What I want to say, sometimes the In and Out messages differ. Generic Remote Device can’t do this. It can send out only the very same, receiving message.