Generic remote: Transport commands send unnecessary messages

I often make field recordings with my 10-track Roland R88, but now I’d like to use my R88 as a USB-interface for my mobile Nuendo-rig, with a MacbookPro.
Now, I want my R88 to record simultaneously with my Nuendo, as a backup.
Therefore, I can manually press “Record” on both my Nuendo and my R88, but I can also send midi-messages from Nuendo to the R88. The transportsection of my R88 responds to note on/off-messages.

My issue:
When I set up a “Generic Remote” in Nuendo which sends the respective note-on-messages to my R88, Nuendo mysteriously also sends a note-off-message for the “previously-given-command”.
For instance: when I press Start on my Nuendo-transportsection, I programmed the Generic Remote to send note-on-message 94. And when I press Stop on my Nuendo-transportsection, I programmed the Generic remote to send note-on-message 93.
But when I actually press Start in Nuendo, Nuendo sends note 94 with a velocity of 127, and when I press Stop after that, Nuendo sends note 93 with a velocity of 127 and note 94 with a velocity of 0… I didn’t ask for that? Is there a way to remove those “shadow-messages” ? I’ve tried changing the flags to Pushbutton and Toggle, but that doesn’t seem to help?

Any suggestions welcome!
Niek/ Amsterdam.