GENERIC REMOTE: Using a knob to scroll presets up/down

Just wondering if anyone else has much application of this?
I have a fixed Analyser (SPAN) which I have on a dedicated screen and use it in 2 modes

Preset 1. MS overlay so I can be conscious of mono outcomes
Preset 2. This has 4 subgroups with sidechain/overlay per sidechain on so I can check masking/overlap etc

I was thinking to have a relative controller and turn left is prev, turn right is next
There is only open browser/next/previous parameters so I cant simply pass a number to dial the numbered preset

If I use relative ie 01 + 127, how is it best to set the controllers in generic remote as previous experience has me seeing that only the first controller number (for identical controllers) are recognised?

Also why does preset scroll only hidden brower items and not the default list that appears in the menu; works for some and not for others

Why does it not wrap? In this case I could just use move next and have it come back around

Cheers for any help

To address any suggestion

    1. Yes I would love to use supervision but it cant overlay MS in a single window
    1. It also only allows 1 sidechain to be overlaid
    1. EQ comparison is not relevant because Im not using native eq


You can trigger the Key Commands Preset > Previous and Preset > Next from the Generic Remote Device. But you cannot assign it to the continue controller, as you described.

Does your controller offer NRPN messages, if so this thread discusses how you can split increment/decrement mappings:-

Unfortunately my controllers only send Midi CC, so the only option to be able to use rotaries for such things would be to split the values using virtual midi pipe and some kind of transform software so they come in to Cubase as separate CC addresses depending on direction turned.

Checked it but the knobs dont send RPN etc…just relative. I am running bome for other stuff so might just have to hack it. Live has plenty of tools in remotes scripts to compare previous value and work out direction, then just send 96/97.

Ah well

I use Note On messages for controlling any bi-directional Command type messages int the Generic Remote.

For example I’m using this liberally to zoom in or out, to go to next or previous tracks, to move the playhead cursor left or right and similar Cubase commands.


Some controllers can send different midi note messages (a number of NI controllers for example), depending if you turn an endless encoder left or right.

But if your controller doesn’t, you could probably use Bome to translate the relative CC messages into Note On messages before it gets to the Generic remote.


Thanks Nico…always good to get wider perspective

Mainly using an old Kore 2 to do it am trialling using a smartpad as it has a lot of instant access buttons…