Generic Remote vs Key Commands

There seems to be a lot of overlap between generic remote and key commands, in terms of what parameters they can access. Are there advantages of one over the other? I ask because I am using Streamdeck, which can use both keyboard shortcuts and Midi, for much of the same tasks. I’m finding the keyboard shortcuts to be easier to implement and more comprehensive, But it left me wondering if there are some advantages to Midi that I’m not aware of.

I only use the midi ones.
With the key commands you have to worry all the time that the right window has focus as cubase even has different key commands when different windows are in focus, transport doesn’t work etc etc

That’s a good point. I’ve kind of gotten used to the focus thing. Just tabbing my way to the right place. But it is a bit of a hassle.

You can also use the Generic Remote to execute Key Commands & Macros.

I think comparing the Generic Remote and Key Commands is kind of apples & oranges.

The Generic Remote is more analogous to the keyboard on your computer

What Cubase should do is add a bunch of Key Commands for setting Focus. Then we could write Macros that are not dependent on what has focus at the time the Macro is launched.


Here is a sample of the layout on the streamdeck, just one of many pages. From a company called sideshowFX.

The gray buttons are midi, and the color buttons are key commands.
Apples and oranges I guess.

Definitely with you on the focus shortcut.

So the generic remote can use both midi and key commands. I didn’t realize that. I’m looking at the set up page below, and trying to figure out how one could set it up to trigger key commands, but all the things in the black box look like midi settings. Does controller mean Control change? (I just had to look that up. I didn’t realize the Control change and continuous change are the same thing: cc)

I see where I am going wrong here. The key command is in the bottom window, under “command.”

So the idea is you’re controlling all the key command stuff via your Midi device instead of using a Computer keyboard.

Yes. The idea is that when something in the top section happens it triggers the corresponding action in the lower section. Below is some of the Metagrid configuration as an example. FYI, Windows Snip & Sketch is a great tool for easily posting screen shots here.

You mean as opposed to taking a picture of my computer screen with my iPhone camera? Lol.

Thank you for your help. If I may throw another question at you:

What’s the deal with the addresses? Can I just put any number I want as long as it’s not already taken? I’m not finding much online to explain what that’s all about.

I’ve never had occasion to change the Address (actually 99% of the changes I make are in the lower section) but according to the Ops Manual it is for setting the Controller Number or a Note’s Pitch Number.