GENERIC REMOTE: What does VST Mixer/Selected/Selected actually refer to?

As per the subject. There isnt much documentation although not too hard to work through…but this is a bit strange?


Sorry, I have no idea, to be honest. I was thinking, it’s the selected parameter, but it doesn’t work this way.

No…and thats the shame…still looking for a simple solution like the ai knob…love a good workflow :slight_smile:


Have you tried to use any hardware knob, which acts as mouse scroll-wheel? Once you mouse hover over any parameter and use mouse scroll-wheel, the value changes.

I have bome so I could try that but Cubase does not expose its window elements…only the top class…would make things a lot easier

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EDIT: sorry - I misread the original question, so my attempted answer was irrelevant

I think it refers to “channel”. So, if you assign it to a CC with a range from 0-127, when you turn the knob or push the fader, you select (and scroll) through the channels 1-128 on the mixer. (Inputs and outputs included)

The “mouse wheel through bome” assignment is a very neat idea, but unfortunately, for me it wouldn’t control what waves plug-ins I have, so I didn’t pursue it further.

I just tested that, and it didn’t seem to work for me.

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When I assign the Selected > Selected to a slider and move it, I can see the channel blinks in the MixConsole few times, when I move the slider. But I don’t know, what does it mean and what has changed. Actually, I was thinking of the “selection/focus” parameter. But I cannot confirm, so far.

Actually the track becomes deselected and selected again.

But I can’t find the values. Once, it happened when sending value 36 (deselected) and 31 (selected), later it happened while sending value 12 (deselected), sending 12 again, (selected).

See attached video second 2 and 12, please. (Sorry for the inconvenience with the downloading and unzipping.) (3.4 MB)

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Your video inspired me experiment again, and maybe I’ve found what it’s supposed to be for:

In the Project Window:

  • I scroll, so the currently selected track is not visible anymore
  • Then I turn the knob controlling the CC, even just a tiny little bit
  • The Project Window immediately scrolls, so that the selected track comes into view.

That’s actually a useful feature for projects with lots of tracks. I think I’ll make that a full-time button on one of my hardware controllers.



You are right, @Nico5 . Nice finding!

Actually, if you don’t assign to the Selected Track, but to a specific track instead, you can also jump over to (select) specific Channel, by pressing one button on your HW. For example your Stereo Out channel.

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Thats great
I work in folder groups of 8…ill see if it can jump to a folder then or at least the group buss for it

Good work…documentation would have been nice!

EDIT: Since its mixer related, it would be great if it scrolled the selected channel to the middle of the view where possible

Ah, yes, sorry. Obviously I didn’t remember right. It’s not Mixer>Selected>Selected that does this, you must go to the second “selected” and change it to Device. (Mixer>Device>Selected). This used to work up to 10.5 for sure, I don’t know if it works for 11 but I’ll test later.

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thanks for that additional bit of info - I will have to try that to at least jump to a neighborhood of channels. Folders might be nice.

I just tried it, doesn’t look like folders are selectable targets, and neither are pure midi channels, but any individual audio channel seems selectable, including inputs, outputs, groups, fx, sampler tracks and instruments.

However the target selection is really by position, so the display in the Generic Remote dialog, shows what happens to be in that position at the moment.

For example, deleting a channel, moves everything below it up by one position.

Side note - only useful when running short on available CC numbers for some of this remote controlling stuff:

Some controllers can send polyphonic aftertouch (a.k.a. note pressure) messages from hardware knobs. Those can be used much like CC messages in the Generic Remote.

haha - yes indeed! – I can’t count the hours I’ve spent to get somewhat up to speed on the many things the Generic Remote can and can’t do - and some of the things that can make it fail without error message (like not giving each control a unique name).

So it seems, this forum is about the best we can do, other than hanging out with Greg Ondo for a few weeks.

hehe yep
At least with Live you can just open up the python scripts and see whats going on. Wow that would make life so easy with Cubase


The Folders cannot be selectable targets, because they have no representation as a Channel in the MixConsole window. Sorry.

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Channel Scrolling
Still works! One knob for scroll, one for Mixer>Selected>Volume, one for Mixer>Selected>Standard Panner Pan LR, and it’s a humble three knob mixer.

A little bit like STC script for Live :slight_smile:

Bit late but revising some control aspects;
What was the command you used for scrolling the track?