Generic Remote with TouchOSC Edit Instrument Toggle

I am trying to setup a Generic remote with TouchOSC (which is basically a MIDI controller for Android.)
I want a button on my TouchOSC (the yellow button in the picture) that triggers “Edit Instrument”. The function that can be found at the Inspector.

I have assigned the toggle in the Generic remote in Cubase, but I am not sure if I am doing it right…
When I use a toggle for this in TouchOSC I have to click twice for it to appear and twice for it to disappear ?!?
I would like to show the VST Instrument when I activate the toggle and close it when I deactivate the toggle.

Picture from Cubase

Picture from TouchOSC Editor showing the MIDI value for the toggle (YELLOW BUTTON)

Picture from TouchOSC Editor showing the OSC values for the toggle (YELLOW BUTTON)

Just found out the problem. And the problem was I was such a n00b at touchOSC :stuck_out_tongue:
I had to change the toggle button from “Value” to “Touch” under MIDI -> Enabled in TouchOSC