Generic Remote

Hello Cubasers

The manual shows a different screen from the actual screen in cubase 10 and there seems to be no correlation between the instructions.

Is anybody using the Generic Remote and how did you manage to get it to work?


Could you send a link to the manual, you refer to?

What do you want to achieve?

We are simply wanting to use the keyboard settings we used in earlier versions. We have an M-Audio keyboard connected through USB and use it to control the Control Room fader, mixer faders and solo/mute


This is the whole manual. I mean the exact page, please.

Sure: p668

Sorry page 742

The manual says “To open the Generic Remote page, select Studio > Studio Setup, and from the Devices list, select Generic Remote.”
However there is no Generic Remote option.

SOLVED: I get it. There is a little ‘+’ sign with a series of options including Generic remote’ Thank you.