Generic Remotes, relative sign?

I have been able to change vst control room value with generic remotes. But only in one direction. And there is no negative values in midi so how do I a relative with negative values?


Could you describe your Generic Remote setup, please? If I do:
Device = VST Control Room
Category = Control Room
Value = Volume

Then in works to me from -∞ to +6.02 (in the full range of the Control Room Level).

You first have to device a “controller” as your input. That have a filed list of
Control Name, Midi Status, Midi Channel, Max, and Flags. In the flag you can set the relative property.
For example a button. And with two button you can have a volume-up and a volume-down button.
With the setup that you have I can control volume with absolute value. But if I have a controller with computer and the keyboard I want its function to be relative. Two controller that does not clash but still do the same function.