Genos and Cubase 10 help

Does anyone know who may own a Genos and use Cubase know how to make the multi-pads sound.
I am not a midi expert yet, but i recorded on the Genos a multi-pad on channel 16 in the Genos sequencer as i did the song.
I then imported the midi file into Cubase 10 to play all channels and that is ok, but channel 16 where the multi- pad sound should sound,it does not.
Instead something triggers the start button and drums suddenly kick in.
If i delete the pad on channel 16 everything else is ok.
I would appreciate some help on this from a Genos owner .

All the best

Firstly, be aware that this topic is double posted. :slight_smile:

Secondly, it sounds like your channel 16 in Cubase took on the program changes rather than the midi note info. (or both)
Generally, the program changes imbed at the very beginning of the track. Check for that first.

I double posted by accident. Sorry about that. Trigger finger :astonished:

For anyone Interested with the Genos A bit of useless info!! :smiley:

For people with the Genos , Mult-pads can only be played on channel 4,5,6 and 7.
In the properties on the Genos you have to choose Extra Parts and then Cubase will play the multipads. That is when you Import into Cubase.
It is still best to record the entire song in midi on the Genos and then edit in Cubase and then turn each track to wave files and then you can use all effects in Cubase or whatever and compare your finished song with and original or the quality that you like by engaging the Control room and A+B the songs.
You can get midi from the Genos working great in Cubase 10 . Just needs patience

All the best
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